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Divination Definitions


The following is a basic list of some common and not-so-common type of divination. It will provide a starting point for you to decide what types you'd like to learn more about.

Aeromancy: divination using the stars;
Geomancy: divination using the Earth;
Hydromancy: divination using water;
Lithomancy: divination using gemstones;
Necromancy: divination by summoning the dead;
Numerology: divination using numbers;
Oneiromancy: divination using dreams;
Palmistry: divination using the human hand;
Physiognomy: divination by reading human character;
Pyromancy: divination using fire;
Tarot: divination using a special set of cards called the Tarot;

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Pure Magick


Pure Magick is a collection of writings about Wicca, and Magick. I used to host this information on my own personal website thus I researched and wrote every page myself, unless credit is given otherwise. I am happy to provide this information to all that are interested, but please understand that any new posts to this community are heavily moderated as to maintain the quality and credit that my work and others' work featured here deserves. That said, comments are encouraged so don't be shy! If you want to talk about adding some of your own work, just send me a message because I'd be very happy to see the information grow :)

Enjoy Pure Magick! The enchantment begins...
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